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Where to eat and drink in the Castelli Romani

​Our area of Italy is a food lovers’ paradise with a bounty of palate pleasing gastronomic delights just waiting to be discovered. With many palate pleasing dishes, we produce some of Italy’s most unique and undiscovered cuisine.


We believe that cuisine is THE highlight of travel and we’ve crafted unique tours to give you exclusive experiences that captures the very best of food, wine, and culinary traditions in our little corner of Italy.


Our vendors are 100% local. We partner with family-run eateries, farmers, restaurateurs, and other food vendors to give you an authentic culinary experience.

Here you'll find a growing list of our favorite restaurants, local approved! 

Ara Anua 

This place is a splendid little restaurant that offers dining both inside and outside. Tucked away in a tiny piazza a few meters away from Frascati’s center, it has a warm and welcoming environment. Their menu offers traditional dishes and new creative cuisine with a selection of delicious wines.

Their menu:

Find it in Frascati, one of our larger towns

Piazza Garibaldi 1, Frascati (RM) 00044


Osteria mastro titta 

If you've been searching far and wide looking for the best porchetta in ariccia , #porchettalovers unite- Look no further than this fraschetta. This lovely little family run restaurant is a foodlovers dream come true. Come for the porchetta and stay for atmosphere, local wine and #mouthwatering local and seasonal menu, we are talking carbonara with guanciale. 

Their menu: 

Find it in Ariccia 

Via Borgo S. Rocco, 27, Ariccia (RM) 00072

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