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Want to retreat to the Roman Castles for a day? Let us take you on an intimate day-long retreat, sharing the food, wine and culture of our Castelli Romani. Come and feel like a local, skip the touristy places and escape to to our little towns.

Important details

Day excursions of The Castelli Romani

All of our day-retreats revolve around the culinary traditions of The Castelli Romani. Interested in more? Don't worry, we also include some cultural activities and history of our area.

  • Day retreats are offered from mid April to mid November

  • These are day trips and average a time of 4-5 hours each

  • Prices listed are per person and include the price of food, beverages and where stated transportation

  • Our fees are quoted in ($) USD. Please contact us for pricing in other currencies. 

  • Day-retreat fees begin at $60.00 PER PERSON

  • Most retreats are limited to 8 or fewer guests (our Taste of the Castelli Romani day-trip is up to 15-20 guests)

  • Please reserve your place on one of our day tours 1-2 weeks in advance

Contact us for reservations, a detailed price list, tour availability, and how we may assist you in creating a custom excursion for you and your group. 

Fraschette food stroll 

Select a tour in Frascati, Nemi or Ariccia.

This tour is available for lunch or dinner.

Accompanied by your tour hosts, we’ll begin our time learning all about one of our towns, from its origin right up to today.  

After our history lesson, we’ll head out for our street food stroll.

We’ll be venturing to the center of town to visit some small artisanal shops where your hosts will help you select and order different products prior to our meal. We’ll be picking up selections of meats, vegetables, fresh bread, pizza and sweets.

Along the way, we’ll stop to chat and meet our local shop owners who can’t wait to learn all about you and share their stories. After our walk and food pick up, it’ll be time to head to one of our famous fraschette or wine taverns.

We’ll be dining and tasting some delicious wines in one of the local’s favorite piazzas-picnic style or dining in one of their restaurants. This experience should have you feeling like you’ve truly experienced genuine Italian life and leave you with an understanding of how and what Castellians eat in the Roman countryside.

Castelli Wines 

Join us and travel to Lazio’s ‘’wine country’’, an important area of wine production in the whole of Italy. 

During your day with us we will be heading to one of our smaller towns for a private tasting room experience. We’ll meet our tasting-room-hosts right outside of their shop where we’ll be welcomed, given a tour of their characterstic negozio, hear stories about their wine making process and settle in for some delicious local snacks and wines. We’ll be tasting some of The Castelli Romani’s finest wines.

If kids are joining us, do not worry, our tasting room hosts have some delicious fresh-pressed juices and non-alcoholic drinks just for little ones. 

Cooking in the Castelli 

With our unique flavors, a half-day cooking course will surely be a palate pleasing experience to remember. Our cooking classes can be customized to each guest. We offer market trips, cooking with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, multi-course classes, single course classes, family-friendly cooking classes or your choice of course. Please contact us for additional details and let us customize a cooking class for you or your group.

A Taste of the Castelli Romani 

Join us in the countryside for an unforgettable multi-course tasting menu. 

Guests will be picked up at the nearest train station and taken to a beautiful agriturismo, private villa or in-town location where you’ll enjoy dining and being served by one of our local chefs. Guests will be seated around a large table, beautifully arranged and with stunning views. 
What will follow will be delightful treat for the tongue! Each course will feature our local and seasonal flavors, accompanied by exceptional beverage pairings and explanations of foods in both Italian and English. 

After your meal, feel free to take in your surroundings, mingle with locals and our chef (maybe get some recipe ideas or two) before you head on to your next destination or week-long retreat with us. 

Additional details 
Please note: This experience must be booked 2 weeks or more in advance.  


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