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Nemi-Italy's strawberry city

We are going to do a city-series and introduce the towns of The Castelli Romani to our visitors (don’t worry, we won’t forget about the food). We think it’ll give our future guests some insights into where we live and more about us!

Today let’s discover the town of Nemi, Italy’s strawberry city and one of the Castelli Romani’s most beautiful towns. Nemi is known for its delicious mini-strawberries or #fragoledibosco.

These little berries are great, with their sweet and tart flavor they are perfect for #desserts.

Nemi berries are loved so much in our area we have an annual festival for them.

Each year since 1922, on the first Sunday of June we celebrate these berries at our sagra delle fragole. During this festival a huge bowl filled with the local berry is washed down with a delicious sparkling wine, that is offered to visitors. During the day long festival, historical re-enactments and concerts are held. Visitors can enjoy walking through town and seeing all kinds of strawberry-inspired products such as liquors, sweets, jewelry, clothing, recipe books and more. The Nemi strawberry is definitely worth its annual fling.


If you join us in June, you’ll surely be in for a sweet treat.

In part II of our Nemi series we’ll go down to #lagodinemi to talk all about floating palaces, a crazy emperor, WWII and more.


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