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Eat, Drink, & Retreat  to The Castelli Romani

We host food tours to the Castelli Romani area of Italy, Rome's wine country.

Come for Rome, stay for the Castelli Romani 

A perfect hidden sanctuary, 20 miles (30 km) south of Italy's capital city


Located in the picturesque Alban hills, the Castelli Romani are composed of several small villages nestled between two beautiful lakes. Come and immerse yourself in our unique flavors, slower pace of life, tranquility and warmth that will awaken your senses and provide you with an experience you will never forget.

Pasta with Truffles
Picking Purple Grapes

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We the Italians

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We promote 100% local culture as a sign of responsible travel.

Retreat with us!

Wine and Cheese

A food retreat in the Castelli Romani

This is the perfect itinerary for Italian gastronomes. 

The highlights of our cooking retreat include not only daily indulgences in some of the best flavors Italy has to offer but also hands-on cooking courses, backstage access to our artisan shops and restaurants, a vineyard visit with wine-tasting, a street food stroll, market tour, chef’s tables, a Michelin starred dining experience and guided excursions to some of our areas most beautiful locations. 

Join us! Only 4 exclusive dates available a year! 

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